Sunday, July 15, 2012

Genesis and one of the greatest Colorado records - EVER.

I'm rarely surprised anymore when it comes to record finds - but I'm putting this discovery on that list.

Last year I found a standard-issue Hispanic ranchera recording on the Rayo label (Rudy Garcia and Los Rayos - Rayo 105), out of Denver. Nothing too special, I mean it was a nice genre record, so I simply filed it.

Then this year I scored a second Rayo release from Joel Scherzer - another Rudy Garcia record. But this time it was credited with Con El Mariachi Tenampa (Rayo 111). Again a nice genre piece, but nothing to write about.

Then I found Genesis.

Sweet, sweet soul. Oh my God, this still leaves me speechless.

Rarely do I gush, but this might be one of the greatest Colorado records. Ever.

Flipside is straight-up hard rock.  All over the place electric guitar break, throw in some organ, and wow.

Genesis was:
Bino Cordova - lead guitar and vocals
Gil Cordova - bass and vocals
Lloyd "Buttons" Trujillo - keyboards
Paul Garcia - drummer
Jim Quintana - percussion and backing vocals

According to what I could find, the record was made circa 1969-1970.  Any additional information would be great to know.

Rudy Garcia Y Los Rayos went on to be much more prolific - recording at least one 1974 LP on the Rayo label (self titled - Rayo 103), as well as a single on the Alice, TX Nopal label ("Te He Der Amar"/ "Un Siglo De Amor" -Nopal 804), and the Denver El Ray label (106), a cover of Little Richard's "Rip It Up."

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