Friday, May 1, 2015

Boulder's Southern Hills Junior High (1975-77)

Southern Hills Junior High School
Show Choir and Jazz Ensemble 1975-1976
Chris Finger and Vince Gnojek, directors
Audicom Corporation (USR 9272)
Side One:
I Believe in Music
Laughter in the Rain
Sorry, No Gas
Precious and Few
The Surrey With the Fringe on Top
December Child
Sausalito Strut

Side Two:
Love Will Keep us Together
California Dreamin'
I Won't Last a Day Without You
You're Sixteen
Love One Another
George M. Cohan Patriotic Fantasy

 I figure that since May is the time most schools start wrapping up the semester, I would spotlight an LP from the kiddos this time around.  I'm a sucker for any and all school-related LPs that feature pop covers, and this album from Boulder's Southern Hills Junior High (now Middle School) doesn't disappoint.

There are actually two (that I know of) releases from SHJH. Both are on the prolific Audicom label. Unfortunately, my copy of the 1974 release is trashed (someone decided to donate it to the thrift store where I found it...after they used it to sharpen knives), so I'll sample from my 1975-1976 album.


Gypsy Hale

Found this single shortly after I posted the previous blog entry on Carol Rose, so it's back to Grand Junction this month.

As noted in the previous story, a bio on Carol Rose mentioned that she owned the Misty record label.  This record was put out the same year as her debut LP.  No clue who the band members are on this,  if Gypsy Hale is the name of the band, the female vocalist, or if Carol Rose is, in fact, Gypsy Hale.  I'm sure someone can fill me in.  The only other names on here are producers Frank Chamberlain and Don Jones. Sorry for the quality of this sample. Sounds muddy to me, but I guess that's how Frank and Don mixed it.

Misty 784 (1978)

Flipside is a country instrumental, "Black Mountain Boogie."