Thursday, December 14, 2023

Rockley Music - Lakewood, Colorado

Wanted to post this cardboard flexi from the Rockley Music Company, Lakewood. I can only guess that this was supposed to be like a radio commercial (given the :30 length), but sadly there is no year to attach to this. No ID on who the announcer is. As is the case with most older flexi discs, the sound quality is atrocious.

Rockley Music began in 1946 by Melvin and Mildred Rockley. Its Colfax location stayed in business until 2019, later moving to Wheat Ridge. The family also runs the Rockley Family Foundation.

Sorry for the long absence. Had to take about a year off from posting to work on other projects, one of which includes a soon-to-be re-release of a previously-unknown Colorado recording. Very excited to share that will you, in the next couple of months. All good.

I can't guarantee I'm back to regular posts, but I hope to keep this blog semi-active in 2024.