Sunday, June 1, 2014

Emmett Byars

Emmett Byars interviewed March 2014.

Sometime in the early 1970s, Emmett Byars had his fill of playing honky tonks in Texas, in the band Mike Hearn and the Wild Bunch.

"Neal Ford [of the Fanatics] was our road manager, and it was around the time John Denver was singing about Colorado, so I quit the band and moved my family up to Summit County."

Basing himself out of Frisco, Byars soon met up with steel guitar player Ray Sheffield, and gigged with The Rhythm Ramblers.

With several original songs to his credit, Byars decided it was time to record his own music. Enlisting the help of Sheffield, and fellow picker Dick Meese, he released his one and only single.

Ghost Town Echo

Band members:
Hal Langer - banjo
Dorrie Langer - bass guitar
Nancy Langer - drums
Kay ?? - fiddle
Jim Starr - guitar
Dan Bright (passed away, 2006)

Nice bluegrass and square dancing singles out of Grand Junction. After the band dissolved, Dan Bright went on to form The Ghostriders Square Dance Band (still active), based out of California.

Releases (all 1977) 
Ghost Town label
Boot Hill Boogie / Ghost Town Boogie- GT1
Jesse James (called by Dave Kenney--passed way, 2013) - GT2
Ashes / Jenifer's Jig - GT3

Sets in Order
July 1977