Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Steve Scott Archives (Part 1 - Local Pueblo / Springs Band Concert Ad Spots)


My dear friend, and "Encyclopedia of Colorado Music History," Mike Stelk recently sent me a package, with a couple of CDs. He had mentioned that he was going through some archived radio spots (as you know, he was the source behind that fantastic Patti Jo and the Teardrops interview), and wanted me to have copies of the other audio finds, in his collection.

Just when I thought he couldn't outdo himself, nothing could prepare me for what I was about to hear - I was literally rendered speechless.

Included on the CDs were close to 200 mid and late 1960s-era Pueblo/Colorado Springs radio spots for local concert events (both Colorado and nationally-known bands), courtesy of well-known Pueblo/Colorado Springs radio personality Steve Scott, who gave the originals reels to Mike.

It is a treasure trove - and that's an understatement.

As there are so many, (although most are simply different takes on the same spots), I'm going to have to share these in separate posts.  

For starters, please enjoy a great sampling of concert promos, for local Pueblo / Colorado Springs / So. Colorado bands.

Stay tuned!
I will post Denver-area bands, and national touring bands, soon - you won't want to miss that!

On a side note: There are not enough superlatives to use to thank all of those who have helped me archive and document Colorado music history, since I began this blog, 11 years ago. I am truly grateful for your contributions and knowledge. Since I have moved back home (hard to believe, it's been five years),  I have now met so many of you, in person. I love hearing from all of those who were involved in the state's music scene, and I am honored that you have allowed me to tell your stories.


Audio posted in band alphabetical order.
All posters / pictures shown are from my own personal collection.

Baby Magic / Band X

The Lady Bug - Colorado Springs (later became The Apple nightclub)
No date.
NOTE: Baby Magic included Phil Head and Doug Rymerson (post-Trolls). Band X included John Grove, John Macklem, Bob McConnell, Lou Sciortino, and Mike Webb.

The Beast

The Beast / Crystal Palace Guard
The Junction
July, ___1968.
Very rare audio of The Beast's first-ever live show spot (ad). The band was based near Colorado Springs and included Bob Yeazel, David Raines, Michael Kerns, Kenny Passarelli, Dominick Todero, Larry Ferris, and Gerry Fike. Spot also mentions Crystal Palace Guard, out of Denver.

The Ceeds / Seeds

The Ceeds (:47)
The Junction - Colorado Springs
The Ceeds / Seeds were based out of Colorado Springs.

The Chandells

National Guard Armory - La Junta
No date

The Honey Bucket - Colorado Springs

Crews-Beggs Department Store-Pueblo
No date.

The Comets

The Comets (:16)
Blue Puma
No date.
Very little known about this band, which is believed to have originated from Widefield.

The Frantics

The Junction - Colorado Springs
No date.
NOTE:  While based in Montana, the group were regulars at the Junction, and would go on to recruit Phil Head (post Trolls / Baby Magic) in the band.

The Fuzz

The Fuzz (also mentions the Denver band, Beast) :34
The Junction - Colorado Springs
No date.
NOTE: The Fuzz was based out of Trinidad.

Ginger Blu

Ginger Blu (:28)
The Honey Bucket - Colorado Springs
Band was based out of Colorado Springs (spot also mentions the Chandells).

The Intrigues

The Intrigues (:42)
Friday, October 16, 1964
Based out of Colorado Springs. Very little known about this group, which apparently included a Beatles-related segment in their shows.

Paxton's Backstreet Carnival

Paxton's Backstreet Carnival (:36)
The Junction - Colorado Springs
No date (1968).
Air Force Academy students, based in Colorado Springs.
Spot also mentions the Moonrakers (out of Denver).

The Quorum

The Quorum (:34)
The Junction
No date (1968).
The Quorum band was based in Colorado Springs. The group included Scotti Bruning (Maysfield Crossing) Jack Roulier (The Soul) Tom Petefish, and  Brad Pelton.

The Soul
The Westminsters

The Soul / Westminsters
Carpenter's Hall
No date. 
The Soul were based out of Colorado Springs. The band included Randy Bowen, Jim Holleran, Jack Roulier, and Ernie Ellington. The Westminsters were also from the Springs, and included Wasson High students Greg McLean, Jock Bartley (later of Firefall) / Greg McLean, George Garrison, Mike Keliher, and Albie Urban/Tom Finn.

 The Teardrops

Silver Saddle Teen Dance - Pueblo
No date
"Sweet Sweet Sadie" background music

National Guard Armory
No date

The Trolls

The Trolls - National Guard Armory (:22)
Swing Ding - 8-11:00 p.m. every Tuesday!
No date.
"That's the Way My Love Is" background music.

At the Blue Puma
No date

At the Hi-Fi Club - Pueblo
No date

The Villagers

Carpenter's Hall - Pueblo
No date.
The Villagers were based in Colorado Springs.

Battle of the Bands, etc...

Friday, June 3, 1966
Ag. Building (Colorado State Fairgrounds - Pueblo)
Patti Jo, Teardrops, Torquays, Henchmen, Chandells, The NGs, Comets, Countdowns, Outriggers


March 26, 1966
Broadmoor International Center
R&B Travelers, Teardrops, Vanguard V, The Villagers

Summer Swing Ding
June 11, 1966
The Trolls, Chasers, the Seeds, Patti Jo, The Countdowns, the Comets, The Villagers (:44)
City Auditorium - Colorado Springs

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Unknown Band Box record discovery!

Hey all - so I just heard from a Texas record buddy, who recently found this Band Box label 45rpm acetate, and contacted me to learn more.

The band is called Forest, and there is absolutely no additional information on the label. Sadly, the disc is not in great shape, but you can most definitely make out the obvious Beatles "For No One" vibe. He sent me samples of both sides - give it a listen.

Very cool!

I'm in contact with Valerie Morosan, the granddaughter of Band Box founder, Vicky Morosan, to see if she has any information about this disc and the group. She's going through the archives to see what she can find. In the meantime, if you can help solve the mystery, please contact me!

Will post more, when I learn more.

Friday, May 15, 2020

KDZA Pueblo - 1964 Interview with the Teardrops!

 Patti Jo and the Teardrops
Pictured: Ron Myers, Rick Witcowich, Patti Jo Martinez,
Ernie Watta, and Ange Rotondo

Woke up this morning to a message from my dear friend, and fellow Colorado music historian, Mike Stelk, who provided the fantastic audio from my last blog post (the KDZA soundcheck with Steve Scott). He found a 1964 interview with the Pueblo teen band, Patti Jo and the Teardrops!

As you know, I've been writing stories about the band both here (2011) and, in 2016, in the Pueblo Pulp, but I had never heard an actual audio interview, from that time. I'm literally blown away by this.

This 1964 interview, conducted by KDZA's Steve Scott, notes that their first single "Whispering Your Love" / "16 Tons" is currently #8 on the local radio charts.

Check out 18-year-old singer Patti Jo, 18-year-old drummer Angelo ("Ange") Rotondo, 17-year-old keyboardist Rick Witcowich, 16-year-old lead guitarist Ernie Watta, and 18-year-old bassist Ron Myers (who wrote "Whispering Your Love").  Band manager Tom Anderson also makes an appearance.

What an incredible piece of archived music history. Thank you Mike, as always!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

KDZA - February 19, 1964

 Hey all you groovy guys and gals!

My dear friend Mike Stelk, the encyclopedia of Colorado music, has posted a fantastic February 19, 1964 Steve Scott soundcheck from KDZA radio, in Pueblo. Mentions the Honeybucket, The Cooper Theatre, Jess Hunter's car dealership, and so much more!


  Give it a listen (32:38)
(Soundcloud audio)

Thursday, May 7, 2020

FOUND - Paul Weingardt Album!


Hey all - So I threw on the mask and gloves, and took advantage of the big Colorado thrift chain opening back up, again. I was surprised to find so few people in the stores (at one stop, I was the only one in the building, besides the staff).

It was good to get back to record digging, again. Picked up a nice stack of 11 Colorado LPs - including a surprise -  a previously unknown album recording by Paul Weingardt.

Paul Weingardt (born 1915) was the leader of the Alpine Dutch Hop Boys. He revolutionized the genre by being one of the first groups to use an accordion as the main lead instrument (instead of violin). His band (which included, at various times, V.A. Hartman, Palmer Deines, Val Sewald, Hank Schneider, Warren Walters, Jake Walters and Alex / Leroy Weingardt) were immensely popular in the Rocky Mountains region.

Paul Weingardt (1934)
Photo courtesy of Colorado State University archives

While Paul had recorded a few 78rpm records (on the Frontier label) and a few known 45, on both the Frontier and Alpine labels, there was never a mention of an actual Paul Weingardt LP - so this was a cool find.

Released on the Alpine Record label (AF 118) the album features polka standards. I couldn't help but notice that my album was "signed" (not authenticated) by another famous Colorado polka performer, Leo Schumacher.

Alpine Music Shop
1813 33rd Avenue
Photo courtesy of Colorado State University archives.

Paul Weingardt and his family lived behind the Alpine Music Shop (located at 1813 33rd Avenue), where he taught hundreds of children and adults how to play the accordion. On November 22, 1964, on his way to (or from) a concert, near Torrington, Wyoming, he and his wife Anna, along with his dulcimer player, Henry Schneider, and his wife Frieda, were all killed in a car crash. Weingardt's young son, Kenny, was the only survivor. He and his wife are buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, in Wheat Ridge.

Paul Weingardt (year unknown)
Photo courtesy of Colorado State University archives.

Four years after his death (1968), Band Box released A Tribute to Paul Weingardt, by the Alpine Polkadots (1017).

In 1976, Weingardt was one of the first two performers (along with Adolph Lesser) to be inducted into the Colorado Polka Hall of Fame.