Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Junk Yard Band

Interview with Dan Treanor conducted December 2010.

In 1979 Dan Treanor was living in Pueblo, doing a few gigs here and there, playing his harmonica with a young Carlos Crull on saxophone, and an even younger Jimmy Stuckey on guitar and vocals, drummer Mike Green and, on occasion, the Quintana brothers, Bob and Bernie.

"We were playing around at the usual joints, Jerry's, The Midtown Lounge, and The Red Rose," Treanor said. "It was a real casual band. I'd book a gig, call up the guys, and we would show up and play."

Jimmy Stuckey and Dan Treanor

Treanor began writing original compositions. He felt the band could record a few as "something fun to do." They met at Treanor's home and recorded on a 4-track Teac machine. They invited Curley Dockins, a Nashville pedal steel player, Rodney Shields on percussion, Doyle Thrantham on fiddle, and Pete Leri on harmony vocals.

"The recording session kinda turned into a party, if I remember correctly, but it turned out great - so we decided to put out a record," he said.

They dubbed themselves The Junk Yard Band.

Treanor had 300 copies of the countrified instrumental "Chicken Lips" and the bluesy flipside "Big Fat Mama" pressed.

"We sent copies to the local radio stations, and it was played a few times on KKFM radio. About a year later I was in Grand Junction doing a gig. We went into the local Wal-Mart, and suddenly I hear "Chicken Lips" being played over the store sound system. Evidently it was a hit in Grand Junction."

In 1980, the band was invited to play with George "Boogie Woogie" Daniels at Pueblo's first annual Juneteenth concert. Shortly thereafter, the group disbanded.

"I moved to Denver. Carlos still lives and plays in Pueblo (The Crew, Carlos Crull Trio and Abraxas). Jimmy moved to Kansas City and continues to play music there. Mike moved to Arizona and I lost track of him. Bob Quintana passed away a couple of years ago."

In 1983 Treanor became a member of the short-lived Strange Cargo.

"I continued to play 'Chicken Lips' and 'Big Fat Mama' in many of the bands I worked in over the years," Treanor said. "In 1994 I re-recorded 'Big Fat Mama' with my band Arc Light for the Cold Shot Of The Blues CD.

Dan Treanor currently keeps busy with Dan Treanor and the Afrosippi Blues Band – considered one of the top blues bands in Colorado, playing about 200 concerts a year.

His latest solo CD, My Blues Diary was released last year.


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