Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bethlehem Baptist Church - Pueblo

Getting into the holiday spirit with this wonderful offering from the Bethlehem Baptist Church, Pueblo.

From the prolific John Law label (3868), the congregation really has a good time on this disc. Lots of enthusiastic choir offerings here, with a few standouts, including a duet by India Jackson and Brenda Golden. 

The awwwww cut on here has to go to little James Chandler, who looks as if he's barely in grade school.

With backing from the junior choir, "Little James," as he is billed, belts it out on "Happy on My Way." 

Bethlehem Baptist is still going strong in the Bessemer part of town, on Spruce Street. Reverend Chandler retired from preaching in 2003, after almost 35 years at the pulpit, to live closer to his now-grown son James, who is also a reverend. 

 Merry Christmas, one and all...

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