Wednesday, January 1, 2014

F&F Records - Homer Fiske

F&F label out of Arvada.
Appears to be the vanity label of Homer Fiske (born 1914).
Active 1962-1963
801 - Bobby Martin (with Eddie Star's Band) "Cotten Picken Relatives" /"Sky Over Memphis"

802-805 ??? - Copyright filings show "Be My Guest" (co-written with Karleen Carley) and 
"Tell Your Troubles to Me" (co-written with Evelyn LeBlanc) were filed on January 1962.

806 - Johnny Stewart (with Eddie Star's Band) "A Little Bit of Heaven" / "It's Only a Token"
807 - ????

808 - Bobby Martin (with Eddie Star's Band) "Could it Be" / "The Road to the Right" (1963)

Of note:  Homer Fiske's name appears on a couple of 1961 singles on the Florida-based Roxie label: 302: "Anyhow" - Sammy Marshall with The Gold Coast Boys / "Please Believe" - Kris Arden with the Gold Coast Boys
305 "Just Passing Through" - Kris Arden and the Keys / "Sundown Valley" - Sammy Marshall and the Keys.

Records indicate Homer Fiske passed away in 1984.

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