Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Johnnie Dwyer

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Credited on the pre-Band Box label Columbine as Johnnie Dwyer with Billy Lee and the Rocky Mountain Playboys. As there tended to be several bands calling themselves the same thing, I have no clue whether these guys are affiliated with Hank Locklin's, Jimmy Snow's,  Rocky Rauch's Rocky Mountain Playboys.

A 1949 issue of Desert Magazine notes:

December meeting of the San Fernando 
Valley Mineral and Gem society of Se- 
pulveda was a Christmas party and pro- 
gram including songs and recitations. John 
and Johnnie Anderson furnished music with 
their electric guitars; the Craig family acted 
out a skit portraying a night on a field trip; 
Johnnie Mitchell, Mary Newbold, Mr. Lil- 
jibald, and Master Johnnie Dwyer sang, 
and Master Hal Dwyer recited "What Are 

Johnnie (Johnny) went on to record at least one single on the Dee Jay label, re-recording "Love Grown Cold," with The Pike County Players--again there apparently was more than one group calling themselves that (sigh).

That said, this is a sweet country ditty.

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