Monday, April 8, 2024

Emissaries of Divine Light - Paul Levine


Found in a stash of private issue new age cassettes, at an Aurora estate sale - same place I found the previous post. While the first cassette was a hodgepodge of heavy breathing, chanting and a general mishmash of audio, this next tape might be one of my favorite Colorado finds, so far this year.

Simply titled Expressions I, this is a singer-songwriter gem. Paul Levine is just a man and his guitar. Accompanied by an uncredited female background singer (or two), it's simplicity at its finest. Sadly, there is absolutely no other identifier on this, minus a 1990 year notation. Just a tape and a picture of the Paul.

It appears Paul was associated with the Emissaries of Divine Light, as the address on the tape is to its Loveland compound. The songs all have a feel good "let's all live together in harmony"  - but not an overtly religious -  vibe. Definitely NOT a typical loner sound, associated with most SSW finds.

Yes, I DID notice that this Paul Levine has a more than passing resemblance to the author of the same name. I contacted him to ask (answer still pending). I'm going to assume they are not one in the same, but who knows.

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