Saturday, September 15, 2012

Los Cuates

Side One:
Unas Doce Hores
¿Cuántas Horas Hay?
Qui Quiri Qui
Las Estaciones
Está Llovieno
¿Y Tu Cuerpo?
Mi Bagalú
Bailen A Mi Compás
Feliz Comida

Side Two
Los Colores
Mis Cinco Sentidos
Mira Que Tenemos
El Perito Tinto
Uno A Diez
Los Animales
El Parque Zoolígico
Chu Chu Chato

As the little kiddos head off to school, I thought it would be a good time to feature this wonderful 1975 Spanish-language children's LP by the group Los Cuates, out of Denver.

Released on the Fort Collins-based Cuate label (not to be confused with the Cuates label out of Los Angeles),  Mira Que Tenemos, was recorded at Audicom in Denver, and is performed by David Gonzales (drums, conga), Dale Vigil (vocals, guitar, bass, maracas), Dennis Vigil (vocals, requinto, bass, maracas), and Mike Mendoza (maracas, claves).

Some really wonderful happy music here. Not sure what their music background is, but you can tell they really want to rock out on this LP, as evident from the Ventures-inspired drums on this one:  

Dennis Vigil (who now spells his name Denys) runs the Center for Alternative and Responsible Education, out of Lafayette.

Mira Que Tenemos is also available on CD here.

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