Sunday, March 11, 2018

Louis J. Kapel

Just when I think nothing can surprise me, whilst digging for obscure southern Colorado music, along comes Louis J. Kapel.

My dear friend Joel Scherzer clued me in to this Pueblo singer, when he found a total of four 10" 45 rpm recordings, which he offered up to me. I filed these away, until a recent databasing project provided me the opportunity to finally listen to these additions.

First off, this guy is like nothing you have ever heard, coming out of the Steel City. His smooth, 1950s pop-meets-lounge style vocals are spot-on Rat Pack. The test-pressing recordings show an address, south of the state fairgrounds, and various dates from 1959-1961. Not a lot to go on, but a quick search on the National Copyright Database shows a Louis John Kapel was active during those years, along with co-writing credit to daughter, Terry Sue Kapel.

The 50s popper "Little You Care" credits Kapel, along with Pete Scerra and Ralph Martell, as co-writers of the song. Later copyright entries show "Don't Rush into Love" (1962), "Without Your Love" (1964), "Wolf Feeling" (1964), "Blue Love" (1965), and "If You Love Someone," (1967). Scerra also penned songs for The Ambassadors ("Rocombo") and Jim Dooley ("Fortunato"), Russ Raymond ("Playing the Role"), and Peter Chello ("The Gun That's Faster Than Me").

"Adorable You" credits Steve Lewis and Ernie Susser, as co-writers. Susser would later pen songs for Bonnie and the Denims ("Time Will Tell") and Cowboys N' Indians ("Jack in the Box"). "Never to End, But to Begin," which was co-written by his daughter, Terry Sue, features an uncredited female vocalist. I'll put money on it, that it's Terry Sue.

The final recording appears to have been made in 1961, at the Ace Recording Studios, in Boston, MA (as noted on label).


If that doesn't make you want to shake up a martini, while sucking on a Pall Mall, I don't know what will. Further digging finds that Louis was stationed in Abilene, TX, at Camp Barkeley, and is mentioned in a 1941 local newspaper story on a new bandstand being built, by him, and "Pvt. Mark Predovich, Leadville, CO."

Louis J. Kapel died in 1995. His wife Mary, passed away in 1999. His daughter, Terry Sue, passed away in 2017. All are buried in Roselawn Cemetery.

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