Thursday, June 21, 2018

Heat up the Bar-B-Q with Friction


 Hey all! I figure, since today is the first day of summer, it's time to dust off the outdoor grill and get the coals or mesquite (or whatever your favorite cooking method is) ready for the season. And oh, the perfect song I have found...

I've had this 1985 Colorado Springs 12" single for a few years and, admittedly, I have never put a needle on it. One of those "I'll get around to it" things. Was not expecting what I heard. The Prince meets Humpty Hump and Michael Jackson vibe on this dance disc is ("Let's Go...") crazy. 

Creative Minds HM-001 (1985)

Told ya.

The group Friction included Larry Martinez, Maverick Gaither, Larry Francis, Buck Stroud, Danika Oatez, and Al Hazard. Springs engineer mastermind Tom Gregor's name also shows up (the disc was recorded at his StartSong Studios).

Vocalist Gaither, who was originally from New York, came to the Springs via a military stint at Fort Carson. He would later go on to be the lead vocalist, saxophonist, and master of ceremonies for New York Entertainment’s Central Park Orchestra, with whom he has performed since 1990. 

Happy summer! 

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