Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sam Bachicha Celebration

Phil Rico (left) presenting Sam Bachicha (sitting) with a commemoration, honoring his contribution to Southern Colorado music - June 1, 2018

Hey all! So eight years ago I interviewed Southern Colorado singer, Sam Bachicha, about his contribution to the area's music history. Fast forward to today, and I receive an email from fellow local musician, Thomas Lang.

"I wanted to let you know about an event, this June, honoring Sam Bachicha's much-deserved contribution to Colorado... especially the SoCo music scene."

How cool is that?

On June 1, the good people of Trinidad, including the city's mayor and other city officials, gathered together, on the porch of the Bloom Mansion, to celebrate Mr. Bachicha's talents.

According to Thomas, "It was wonderful night, as Sam and family were present, as well as our mayor and city manager. We performed "I Like Trinidad," and Mayor Rico presented an award, and a framed certificate, for Sam's contributions to the local music heritage."

My sincere thanks to Thomas Lang for sending me pictures of the event, and for sharing this news, with me.

Folks, it's easy to cast a spotlight on those national Colorado acts with the most gold records, or those with the most radio airplay, but let's not forget those bands and singers who chose to stay their hometowns. We need to start honoring those talented people who have given so much to their LOCAL communities - especially while they are still with us. Ya dig?

Hat's off to the city of Trinidad, for making sure nobody forgets Sam.


  1. Lisa, thanks for publishing this. I'm in your debt. Sam, although he's not able to perform any more, has brought much joy to Trinidad and the region. He deserves all the accolades we can bestow upon him. I hope he's with us for years to come. We won't forget "I Like Trinidad" and will perform it at every opportunity. As we grow, it may well become our anthem. The story of how the song was rediscovered is interesting, and I'll post it soon.

  2. Thanks Lisa for posting this. No hats off to the City of Trinidad nor the paper of record. To this day they've never once mentioned this event to honor one of their own. Double, triple shame on them. I've now come to understand why that didn't happen. I won't elaborate. Many people showed up that night to honor this man. The newspaper of record deemed it a non-event. I will ask Sam and his family to be here for our closing night (7/27), for a redux of "I Like Trinidad". We expect a crowd that likes Trinidad, and Sam. I want to make sure that that they don't forget him. It aint about me. It's about our history, thus the people who made us who we are.