Thursday, January 31, 2019

Super Bowl Game of Love

I'm indifferent about the "big game," on Sunday. So here's a little esoteric, football-themed, Colorado country twanger, by Chris Taylor.

More on this record HERE.

Yet another year of the Broncos "rebuilding," means I can do something else with my time. I mean, the commercials are already available for viewing, days before we have to wait for them to appear during the game (the Stella Artois Big Lebowski / Sex in the City ad is my early favorite).

Don't get me started on the halftime show. Short of resurrecting Prince, or a surprise Led Zeppelin reunion, I've been unimpressed with the mid-game entertainment, since the stunning five years of Super Bowl halftime perfection, ten years ago:

2009 - Bruce Springsteen
2008 - Tom Petty
2007 - Prince
2006 - The Rolling Stones
2005 - Paul McCartney

OK, Lady Gaga, in 2017 was the exception of halftime show drought.

Well... if I have to choose - Go Rams!

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