Monday, January 28, 2019

Tolbert R. Ingram Publishing, Denver

Hey all! So, I'm diggin' at the big Colorado Springs city-wide garage sale event, last weekend, and I spot this fantastic Denver-published sheet music, "In Colorado Where the Wild Flowers Grow"... and then I found another... and another. I noticed the name Tolbert R. Ingram on all of them, so I thought I better further investigate.

Tolbert R. Ingram came to Denver, by way of Tennessee, in 1900. His background was publishing, and he immediately picked up, where he left off, with his first issued sheet music, "Parson Johnson's Rag-Time Mule," by E.E. (Edgar) Huston.

Parson Johnson's Rag-Time Mule - EE (Edgar) Huston
Tolbert R. Ingram, publisher

His publishing efforts would gain traction when, as a reporter at the Denver Post,  he wrote a story about song he remembered, back home, in Tennessee, "My Rosary." The readers of the story were so taken by the prose, they wanted to hear the music. At that time, there wasn't a full-time music publishing house in the Mile High City so, sensing an opportunity, he obtained the rights to the song, and published the sheet music.

My Rosary - Ferdinand Lust
Tolbert R. Ingram, publisher

The music sold so well, he gave up his job at the Post and opened up a formal publishing house, located on 17th Street. 

In 1904 he married Louise Hammond, and made her the cover girl for the sheet music "Western Girl" (see photo, in the list, below).

The Ingram Music Company stayed in business, until 1911, when he was appointed the assistant secretary of the Denver Manufacturers' Association. He later went back into the newspaper business, in Wyoming. He died in 1969, and is buried at the Crown Hill Cemetery, in Denver.

Sheet Music Published by Tolbert R. Ingram (alphabetized by composer, by year)

Parson Johnson's Rag-Time Mule - Edgar Huston

Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends Its Way - Charles Avril 
Trip to the Rockies - Tolbert R. Ingram
My Rosary - Ferdinand Lust
Kwang-Su - Francis Schwinger

Down Among the Sun Kissed Hills of Tennessee - Beth Slater Whitson

The Girl I Loved Out in the Golden West - Charles Avril

Belle of the Plains - LB Bitz Jr. 
Cosmopolitan America - Helen May Butler
Falconer's Song - Inez Carusi
Cupid and the Cowboy - David Durose
My Lady Nightingale - Albert J. Harbridge
Only a Poor Soldier's Dream - Marguerite Heimerdinger
Just a Little Spray Of Columbine - Herman Miller
In Thine Absence - Charles Kirkland Hunt
My Jug and I - AS Lohmann
Alone - FB O'Brien
Mid The Mountains of Dear Old Colorado - Myrtle Selders
In An Autumn Forest - George Stanley
Fascination - Grace Ida Winchell

The Prairies of Illinois - Harriet Adams Chambers
O Salutaris Hostia - George Assion 
Back Among the Clover and the Bees - Charles Avril
My Pretty Jap - Rusha May Baker
Dainty Flo From Idaho - Harrison W. Barber
You Needn't Think I'm a Regular Fool - Harrison W. Barber
My Colorado Home Among the Pines - Madge Bittner
Flowers of the Past - Mary A. Boysen
Kabe Yun: West Wind - Mary A. Boysen
Le Chevalier - James O Clifford
Sweet Josephine - Branch Cowell
Teddy - Leon Lodessi Davis
Colorado Memories - Leone Delaney
When Summer Waters Clear Kiss Roses Dear - AR Dennis
You're The Girl I Used to Love - Bayard E. Foote
Broncho Belle - Louise Forres
On The Banks of Lac Qui Parle - Reginald Frees
Girl We All Love Best - Franc L Grannis
The Girl You Love - Hattie Green
I Like The Way You're Acted Since I've Been Gone - Charles Hatcher
Western Girl - Albert J Harbridge
Walula - Vernon Homer
Abyssinian Patrol - Henry Houseley
Bonnie Eyes of Brown and Blue - Charles L Johnson
I Don't Want to Go Away - Charles L. Johnson
Little C**n Lullaby - Lute Johnson
Maude Fealy - Hurley J. Kaylor
Outside the Walls of Vassar - Thomas E. Keefe
The CTC March Song  - Josephine Knowles Kendel
Doubt Not, Fond Heart - Ferdinand Lust
Baby's Goodnight Song - SH Martin
Memories of the Old Farm House - SH Martin
In Colorado Where the Wild Flowers Grow - Helen McDaniel
I'll Come Back Some Day - Robert McGowan
When My Sweetheart Whispered Yes - Alexander Mignani
Marathon - Fred W. Miller
That's Mr. Millionaire - WH Morier
Among the Hills of My Old Colorado Home - Calvin Moxley
I Do Not Know Why I Love You So - Victor E Nelson
Canebrake Harvest Dance - Leo Oehmler
In the Cottonfield - Leo Oehmler
Lullaby at the Cabin Door - Leo Oehmler
Solitario - Kenneth O'Neill
The Beautiful City - Philip Penfield
Jolly Boys - Carl Pitzer
My Own Sweetheart - Fred Schwartz
Rough Rider - Elmer G Slothower
Ba Low Slumber Song - Mary Southwick
Dream On My Love - George Stanley
Old Big N***er - George Stanley
Vow on the Battlefield - George Stanley
Here's to Colorado - Robert W Stevens
U of C - Robert W Stevens
Jolly Tenderfoot - Bessie Stratton
Evelyn Waltzes - CD Swallow 
Forgive Me, Claire - Ada Collier Templeton
That Dear Girl in Illinois - Gwilym Thomas
Beau Ideal - Charles R Thompson
Fate of Kala-Mazoo - Helen Canfield Tilbery
Montana Sunlit Hills - Ira M Toothman
Nita - Alex G Van Riper
That Dear Old Home I Used to Love So Well - Lula Weaver
My Southern Home - A Whalley
Roses - Charlotte Whedon
Since That Summer Time With You - Elizabeth Whitson

Invocation: Veni Creator Spiritus - George J. Assion
Those Homemade Pumpkin Pies - Wilfred G. Astle 
The Homeland of the Soul - Lea M. Bennett
Christmas Mom - Madge Bittner
Seeing Denver - Gus Brohm
Gathering the Wild Flowers - Eva Carter Buckner 
Lost Children of the San Hills - WT Burleigh
What 49 Could Do - Will Cowell
Annie Laurie - Burt M. Cutler
Woodland Slumber Song - IE Cutler
The Hurdler - Margery Dennis
Coasting - Gary Gill
Sultana - Jack Hanguer
Rosemary - Albert J Harbridge
Cradle Song of Bethlehem - Henry Houseley
Hymn of the Evergreen State - Charles L Johnson
The Story You Told Me in the Dell -  Charles L. Johnson
When the Blue Bells Bloom Again -  Charles L. Johnson
That's The Place For You, Old Man, For You - Donald Jones
Morning Prayer - Richard A Lucchesi
Preludietto - Richard A Lucchesi
To a Lonely Flowerlet - Richard A Lucchesi
Hidden Way in the Attics - Alice Davis Moody
A Mother's Appeal - Florence Moore
Lightfoot Luke - Otto Mussle
The Geisha Girl From Old Japan - Maude McFerran Price
Dreaming on the Silv'ry Rio Grande
Sasarida - Albert Schuh
Easter Song - Clara Syphus

As Night Brings Out the Stars - Joseph G. Bonnell
My Dear Old Western Home Among the Hills - Philip C Curtis 
Dream Life - Arthur Dodd
City Lights of Denver - Chevalier Enrico Gargiulo
Wild Rose - Chevalier Enrico Gargiulo
My Sweetheart Lou - Hattie Green
Once in a Awhile - Julius H Hansen
The Little Sunny Southern Girl of Mine - Charles L. Johnson
Mary Carey - Lute Johnson
Thunderbolt - Oscar Mayo
I Am Thinking of You, Mother - Fred Miller
Morning Times - Monroe M Moore
Nymphs O' The Mist - Alfred V Peterson
Song of the Little Dancing Master - Alfred V Peterson
When I Was a Child - Alfred V Peterson
Pocatello - Henry E Sachs
Formanian March - JF Thomas
Cupid's Frolic - Grace Ida Winchell

Democratic Fun - Robert Buechel
Mohawk - AJ Fynn 
Meet Me Mid the Daisies - Tolbert R. Ingram
Just Take a Trip Out to Lakeside - Elmore I Lee
You - Gaston Otey Wilkens

Back Among the Southern Pines - ML Casey 
The Rage - LP Christensen
Lovers Matin' Song - Frances J. Ferlen 
O Light Divine - Robert Brooks Finch
Mountain Breeze - Baxter W. Keyt
Girl o' Dreams - Anna Arrington Prewitt
Moon-Goddess - Ralph C Smith

Pick Up The Sunshine - Evans Buskett
You're My Little Doll Baby - L. Sansome

Abide With Me - Charles E Shermer


  1. I have this painting at home of the Dochter Israƫls by Tolbert.

  2. Ingram was the father of the Rev. T. Robert Ingram, founder of St. Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston, TX.