Monday, November 15, 2021

La Dama De Los Ojos Verdes

Was recently offered this incredible find, from my dear friend Joel Scherzer. A Spanish-language take on Denver-based band Sugarloaf's Top Five hit, "Green-Eyed Lady," by The White Lines de Paco Sanchez.

Listen to "La Dama De Los Ojos Verdes"

Now, before I get messages on this, this is not the same Paco Sanchez, who is considered the "Father of Hispanic Radio" in Denver. That Paco came to town in 1948. Yes, while he was a lead singer of a musical group (and later a member of the Colorado House of Representatives, and namesake of Paco Sanchez Park), he had moved on to social reform causes, which I doubt included him resurrecting his musical career, at this late stage in life. He passed away in 1973, at the age of 57.

It's actually the group Las Lineas Blancas.

Paco Sanchez is listed as a member. The band put out an 1971 self-titled LP, which includes "La Dama De Los Ojos Verdes" (Caytonics CYS 1293). I found a listing of this group in Florida, and also Mexico.

So now I'm wondering how many Colorado-centric English-language songs were recorded in different languages? Idly wondering if there is a version of "Alto De Las MontaƱas Rocosa" out there. I'll keep hunting!

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