Sunday, February 17, 2019

Colorado Springs High School Audio Annual (1956)

So last week I found myself in an antique mall, one of which I hadn't visited for about a year. I struck out finding any new vinyl additions. On my way out, I spotted a 1956 Colorado Springs High School annual. The sticker said "1956 CSHS Yearbook, with RARE RECORD included!"


Produced by Bud Edmonds (KCMS radio, in Manitou Springs), the spoken word recording documents the year in review, of the graduating seniors.

Music related, the record mentions a junior talent show and student performer Gerrie Mondragon, singing "Johnny My Love." I found a Gerrie Mondragon in the annual. She had a nice singing voice, and one has to wonder if she continued to pursue that talent. There are no other mentions of singers or bands, on the record.

Gerri Mondragon (on right)

Colorado Springs High School was opened in 1875. In 1940 the school was rebuilt by the Works Progress Administration, under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was renamed Palmer High School, in 1959, after the city's founder, General William Jackson Palmer. Famous alumni include Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark).

The yearbook is an incredible time capsule of 1956 Colorado Springs. Love the music-related advertisements. Take a look at some of the pages:

"Terry and Carla, who incidentally work for KWBY, enjoy watching a broadcast of Colorado Springs' most listened-to station, located in the Antlers Hotel."
(NOTE: KWBY first signed on, in 1955. It was known as "WBY - the Wild Blue Yonder," and played jazz and "middle of the road" standards.

"Jon and Don buy The Duke's latest EP record album, at Walter Ament's 10 E Colorado Ave.  They consult another Duke (Dick La Duke) about the newest jazz hits."

KRDO TV / AM Radio

  "Crooner Burnett thrills the crowd."
(if anyone knows who this singer is, let me know)

Colorado Springs High School Masque and Sandal Road Show

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