Thursday, February 28, 2019

Gospel Melody Men

Drove down to La Junta, yesterday, to hit some area thrifts I hadn't visited since 2010. Was going through boxes of albums, at one store, when the manager asked, "We have a whole bunch more, in the back. Wanna see 'em?"

Immediately saw some minty-mint Northern and Latin soul 45s, and other non-Colorado vinyl, which I grabbed (all records were $1). Then I spotted a stack of 78s. At the top of the pile was this I've-never-seen Denver label. A bad Internet connection didn't allow me to investigate, but I was betting money it was an old hillbilly-like country gospel disc. Got home, and placed a needle on my confirmed suspicions.


Still can't find a thing on the Gospel Melody Men. There were a few groups with that name, but nothing pointing to Denver, or the Folk & Western Record label. The label's address points to a high-dollar home in the Wash Park area of the city.

As always, if you have any info, drop me a line.

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