"... taken our business to a place called Lewis Record Manufacturing, where we dealt with a wonderful woman there named Kaye. She was old enough to be my grandmother and she kind of reminded me of a woman who would have been comfortable with the likes of Bonnie and Clyde in her youth. She wasn’t afraid of anything. It was to her that we handed My God (Jethro Tull boot) and Establishment (Bob Dylan boot - both TMOQ releases) and these were our first records on colored vinyl which the growing number of bootleg fans really seemed to like..."

Needless to say, shocked doesn't cover my reaction. I couldn't find any information on just how many bootlegs Lewis pressed for TMOQ / TAKRL, nor could I find any information on what repercussions they faced for doing so. I also hit a dead end on finding out what ever happened to Ted Lewis, or Kaye.

The fact that there is now a documented Southern Colorado link with these labels is crazy to believe. If it had not been for that typewritten piece of paper, found in a Cañon City Public School Music Festival LP, that fact may have been lost forever.