Monday, October 12, 2020

Print-A-Disc Company, Denver


Hey all! Found this cardboard flexi disc recording, at the local thrift, last week. Noticed it was made by a Denver company, Print-A-Disc.

While I am familiar with flexi discs (those flimsy recordings, made with sheets of PVC, or a resin-coated cardboard), I never knew there was a company out of Denver making them. 

The spoken word recording I found was put out by the Colorado District Board for Parish Education - Lutheran Church, Denver. Nothing else about the Print-a-Disc company is noted, minus the address of 1191 Stout Street, which is now home to the Convention Center.

As you can imagine, the quality of the 33 1/3 rpm audio is atrocious, so I won't bother to post a sample. The gist of the recording is of an unknown mother and father, querying their children about Jesus and the Devil, and good versus evil. 

I did find another Print-a-Disc recording, noted on Discogs - a 1956 spoken word record, Veelos Views - From a Salesman's Wife, which helps a bit with dating these releases.

Needless to say, cardboard records don't have a very long life, so I was happy to have found (at least) two examples from this Denver company. That noted, after a lengthy search, I couldn't find a thing on Print-a-Disc. 

Zip. Zilch. Zero. It remains a mystery.

As always, if you run across any others Print-a-Disc records, or have any additional information on this label, let me know!

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