Monday, October 26, 2020

Elk Bugles Radio Show - Halloween Episode

Today's show is a replay from 2018, but fun to listen to, to get you into the Halloween spirit.
Songs by Colorado singers and bands - all related to things that go bump in the night!

Link to the whole show HERE.

FAB Company

Voices in the Night
The Crew

Jimmy Key

Ghost Riders in the Sky
The Lang Brothers

Go Down You Murderers
Walt Conley

Bride Dressed in Black
Tyrone Kelly

Poison Red Berries
Eddie Eldon

The Bo’L Weevils
The Magic

Magic Eyes

Black Night Has Fallen
Strange Cargo

Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail
Flying W Wranglers

Cabello Diablo
Common People

Zombie Jig
Neil Feather, John Sheehan and Patrick Bowers

Flamingo Plus

Search for Bridey Murphy

No Credit
Joey Buffalo and Sonics

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