Monday, December 14, 2020

Denver Dixieland Jazz Extravaganza (1984)

Picked up this large concert poster (and a pin - posted at the bottom) at an estate sale, last weekend. It came from the home of a local jazz enthusiast, where I also picked up several Denver jazz records, and wanted to share.

Held July 6-8, 1984, at the Regency Hotel, the event featured 16 bands from not only Denver and Colorado Springs, but also Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Memphis, Portland, and Seattle. Guests included Henry Cuesta (clarinetist for the Lawrence Welk Show) and coronet player Wild Bill Davison (of the Freddie Condon Band). Proceeds from the event benefited the local Children's Museum.

Angel City Jazz Band - Los Angeles
Broadmoor Jazz Club All Stars - Colorado Springs
Chicago Six - San Diego, CA
Gramercy Six - Sacramento, CA
Desert City Six - Phoenix AZ
Fulton Street Jazz Band - Sacramento, CA
Hot Cotton Jazz Band - Memphis, TN
Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra - Denver
New Orleans Jazz Gathering - Denver
Nightblooming Jazz Men - Claremont, CA
Oregon Jazz Band - Portland
Platte River Jazz Band - Denver
Summit Ridge Jazz Band - Denver

Sutterville Stompers - Sacramento, CA
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band - Seattle, WA
Your Father's Mustache - Denver

 A bit of info on the Colorado bands noted:

The Broadmoor Jazz Club All Stars

Gerry Ripper – drums, Harry Divine – banjo, Roger Sims – tuba, Dan Johns – trumpet, Tom Ross – clarinet, Dick Donahue – tenor sax, and Floyd Frame, trombone.

Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra

Founded in 1982, by Ron Cope, the group is still performing (group link below photo).

New Orleans Jazz Gathering

Formed in 1970, by Verne Baumer (previously of Big Tiny Little, the Summit Ridge Jazz Band, the High Sierra Jazz Band and the Wild Bill Davidson Legacy Band. The group is now known as the Mile High Jazz Gathering (link below photo). 

Platte River Jazz Band 

Members included Bob Cooke - trumpet, Verne Beebe- trombone, Bill Pontarelli - clarinet, Ray Leake - piano, Dennis Condreay - banjo, Al Brisson - tuba, and Gordon Ellinger - drums. The group put out three albums and appear on the Central City Jazz LP (1978). Bill Pontarelli now plays with Pete Wernick (Dr. Banjo)

Summit Ridge Jazz Band

Formed by Bob Craven (who passed away in 2005)

Your Father's Mustache

In 1965, the Your Father's Mustache night club chain opened in Larimer Square. A band was formed, and became the regular house act. Members included Joe Petrucelli, Craig Hugo, and Ray Leake. In 1975, the Denver club closed its doors, but the group continued playing (link below photo).  


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