Monday, July 19, 2021

June Sproule(s) and Her Piano


Far too often, when doing research on Colorado records, I run into brick walls. It happens. As was the case with this instrumental LP from June Sproules, Junie's Moods. I couldn't find a thing on this album. I knew there had to be a Colorado connection, given the KCMS catalog number (1272), but I kept coming up with nothing. 

Listen to "I'll Remember April"

Then it dawned on me. Maybe her name is spelled wrong. The label shows June Sproules, but typos happen. Sure enough. Her name is June Sproule.

I noted that the label showed a Hutchinson, KS home address, which is now a vacant lot. Putting two and two together, I finally solved the mystery.

Hutchinson (KS) News - July 12, 1958

I found references to a June Sproule performing several years earlier, dating back to 1938, so no clue if the woman on this album is her, or a daughter, or some other relative. Apparently a June Sproule was a regular in the Colorado Springs club circuit, when I'm guessing she recorded her album at Bud Edmonds' Manitou Springs KCMS radio studio, during one of her visits.


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