Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Request for help - The GBJ Band

Hey all - on occasion I will post a question, in hopes that someone can help a blog reader. Got this message today, from someone in Greece:

"I need your valuable help please. There was a Christian band (trio) from Denver, the GBJ Band, and they released an LP called Flyin' and Singin' in 1977. Any info or just to see the front cover of the LP? Can you help please?"

Thanks for the question! Here's what I found.

The GBJ Band included Patrick "Pat" Boone, Ralph Carmichael, and Jimmy Owens. I found a 1977 picture of them, advertising a concert they were having, in Colorado Springs.

Of course the name Ralph Carmichael is familiar as the one of the early composers of contemporary Christian music, but this Ralph Carmichael is much (much) younger.

As for the LP, I couldn't find a thing. There isn't even a listing on Discogs. So fellow readers, can you help out this reader, who contacted me all the way from Greece?  If you have this album, I would love to include a picture. Many thanks, in advance!


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