Monday, October 18, 2021

Bob Roller Recordings


Found this Denver label flexi-disc record, during a thrift dig, recently. Not a lot to go on, so hoping a reader can fill me in.

Bob Roller Recordings - "Perfection in the Wax" is noted on side one of the record. It also shows a phone number of "Race 1424." According to Denver telephone history notations, 1941 saw two new exchanges added - Race in the spring and Alpine in the fall. Dexter was added in spring 1942. 

Sadly, as you can image with a flexi that's possibly 80 years old, the disc quality is atrocious, so I won't be able to share any audio clips.

Side one includes a church choir, singing an unrecognizable song. The flip side includes an unidentified male announcer. He indicates that the recording is from the choir of the Calvary Baptist Church, in Denver. He notes that "hundreds of men, and a few women" in the church are currently serving "in the war effort," so this just reaffirms that we're talking around 1941. He also mentions that the new church bulletin is now called The Messenger. On the church's own history page of its website, it too mentions the bulletin's name change, that year. 

I found a Bob Roller mentioned in a 1964 issue of the Denver Catholic Register as being the president of Electronics Services, Inc.  

In a 1968 issue of the Denver Catholic Register, I discovered a photo of Bob Roller, who is listed as the English teacher at Blessed Sacrament school. He is shown in a photo, with his students, at the KLZ television studios.

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I could find no other information on Bob Roller, or the label which shares his name. As always, if you have any additional tidbits on this, please let me know.

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