Friday, March 15, 2013

Hornet Records

It just dawned on me, going though my stash of Colorado records, that I have quite a few on the private country label, Hornet.  I'm sure there are folks out there who know more about this label than I, so I'll just post what I've managed to find in a peripheral search.

Feel free to add what you know in the comments section. 

Of note - most of these records are produced by Ernie Hoppes.
I found a 2008 Denver Post obituary notice for Ernest L. (Pete) Hoppes:

Hoppes, Ernest L. (Pete)
83, passed away March 6, 2008.  He was born January 11, 1925 to Henry and Sarah Hoppes in Williamsburg, KS, the youngest of seven children.  Ernest served in the Navy in WWII, after which he was a contractor, but his passion in life was his music.  He is survived by 3 sons, James Lee, Randy, and Mitchell...

Three Colorado addresses are noted on these singles:
8933 Washington Street, Denver (Thornton)
8785 Welby Road, Thornton
P.O. Box 29819, Thornton 

Couldn't pinpoint a year, but I was able to date the Johnny Nace single from a 1984 Billboard mention.

(Partial) Hornet Records Discography

003     That's What the Cover is For / My Baby & I - Mitchell Hoppes
004     The Colorado Waltz/Living With a Dying Love - Skip Graves
005     Henryetta, Oklahoma / City of Angels - Marvin Rainwater
007      Oklahoma Twister / Too Much in Love to Leave - Skip Graves
008      Let's Go Back to Bed And Talk it Over / Our Love's Going Nowhere - Skip Graves
009      Country Runs Deep (in My Blood) / Love's Memories - Johnny Nace (1984)
1010    The Colorado Waltz/Spirit of Texas - Skip Graves
1011    Ole Man Atom/Ole Man Atom - Skip Graves
1012    Miami Dreamin'/Miami Dreamin' - Skip Graves
1013    Your Hiding Place/Radio Cowgirl - Jim Stricklan
1014    The American Farmer/My Window Faces The South - Larry Good
1016    Thank You Darlin'/Overnite Sensation - Ace Ball

Ace Ball story: here.

Found a few listings for a Skip Graves, but no clue if it's the one associated with Hornet.  There is a listing for a Skip Graves who released "Indian Giver (With Your Love)" / "Heartaches Knocking at My Door" - Fireside 7505 (1960). In 1966 Skip Graves' single "Credit Cards" (Stadium 4115),  is mentioned in the "predicted to reach the hot country singles chart" section of Billboard.

There's also a Skip Graves, who was a disc jockey at KWOW in Pomona, CA (1969).

All one in the same?  Who knows.

Jim Stricklan was KBRG radio's (Denver) Music Director in 1986.

Larry Good - no clue.  His single indicates that he was managed out of Geneva, Nebraska.


  1. Ernest Hoppes was my papa, he owned Hornet. My papa wrote and produced a lot of the people you mentioned, music. Rae-Ann music was named after me.

    1. Skip Graves recorded a version of Colorado Waltz, which was written by my great uncle (Wes Sharp). I have the original 78 that Wes recorded, but also have the 45 from Hornet that was recorded by Skip Graves. I was trying to research to find out when that 45 was recorded. I think it was in the 70s, but I'm not sure. Another website said it was 1951, but I do not believe that is correct. Please respond if you happen to know. Thank you.

  2. Also, Skip Graves was born December 16th, 1933 in Medina Tennessee and died on April 16, 2017 in Jackson, TN.