Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Colorado Country Music Review 1975


Hey all! Found this great newsletter, a while back, while diving around the dollar bins. I filed it away, and then rediscovered it, in a pile of "to get to" papers. I think it was originally stuck in an LP I already owned, but I gladly paid the buck, for this amazing 1975 archive of Colorado country-related memorabilia.

The May 1975, 16-page newsletter (Vol. 1, Issue 3) states that it was founded by Colorado music promoter Dick L.Woods, who worked extensively with Gladys Hart, the Colorado country music promotions queen. He would later purchase Mountain Records from Ethel and Steve Mengee. Interesting to note that, in issue number three, there is a story on how the management of the Review will be handled by Jack and Bonnie Shaffer.

Dick L. Woods

The trail goes cold as to what ended up happening to the publication, after that.

Let's turn the pages:

Viking Recording Studios

Busy Denver recording studio, which churned out records for The Beautiful Morning, *Black Canyon Gang, Ernie Brown, Calvary Baptist Church, Colorado Teen Ambassadors, Common People, Ron Forbis, The Gospel Tones, Innovations, The Lawmen, Littleton High School, Monroe Doctrine, Pilgrim Rest Inspirational Choir, The Possomtrotters, Duncan Tuck, Timothy Job Vigil, Williams World, just to name a few.

(* Of note: there is a story in the newsletter on the Black Canyon Gang's self-titled LP, produced at Viking Studios)

The Castaway Lounge
155 W. 84th Ave., Thornton

Advertisement notes Jim King and the Kingsmen (with Don on steel and John on drums). Jim recorded for Woods' Mountain Records.

 Caravan West
11221 W. 44th Ave., Wheatridge

Advertisement notes Embert Mishler along with Jim McGraw and His Quartet. Jim McGraw recorded for Band Box and the Double Nickle labels. Mishler would also record for Band Box, but bounced around other labels, including Big M, Drum City, and Studio 40.

 Club Corners
6551 W. 44th, Wheatridge

Advertisement notes Randy King and the Country All Stars. King was a prolific country singer, who recorded for the Band Box, Enterprise, Jaybo, L&S, Radco, and Rival labels, along with and Woods' Mountain label.

The Silver Saddle Lounge
East 104th and Highway 2, Commerce City

Advertisement for Dewey Knight's LP Shiny Long Limousine (JEMKL 100). 
Knight was a regular at the Ramblin' Rose Club, in Denver.

 Advertisement for Rick Bacino and his L-O Cowpokes

Rick Bacino and the Cowpokes (picture is with his wife and producer, Nita Bacino, along with Jim Crocker and "Steve") recorded for L&S Records, the same label as Randy King).

Two advertisements for Bonnie Nelson

Bonnie Nelson is probably considered the queen of Denver country music. Performing in her father’s restaurant, The Country Palace (note advertisement above), she became the radio spokesperson for International Harvester Company. She left country music in 1997, and became a faith-based singer and leader of Firestorm Ministries, Nashville.


  1. I can't find anything listed here but my husband, Kenny Brent (r.i.p.) played at the Country Palace around 1963-64 doing shows with Slim Whitman, Wanda Jackson, Rose Maddox and the Maddox Bros. and then again with Merle Haggard around 1976?-1979? or 80? not sure on that date. Please if anyone has anything on it, posters, pictures, music, or was just there or their parents or grandparents saw Kenny there I would so deeply appreciate you e-mailing me at JulieBrent07@gmail.com or calling or text to 970 571-9387. I just lost Kenny in a tragic accident a few weeks ago and am devastated. I am trying to piece together some of his early years with anything I can find out there. I really would appreiate it and he also opened for Buck Owens at Elitches Tracadero Ballroom, Wheat Ridge, CO in 1965-67 (maybe 68 but 67 I think is right). He got a standing ovation from the crowd of 3000 for his rendition of Cattle Call. The very next week they, Kenny Brent & The Country Knights played at the My O My Lounge in Commerce City. I have the tapes of the My O My Lounge but anything please you have you can share with me would mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you. Julie Brent

    1. Thank you for your comments, Julie!

    2. Worked at the Castaway Lounge for Leo Watly when Kenny was the House Band and also at the Country Palace..it was a shock to hear about Kenny he was a good friend...may he RIP

  2. Thank you Lisa. I am still she'll shell shocked. I'm really struggling. Seems to get harder not easier and now almost 2 years. I almost had the website done a year ago but a million things delayed it. I believe now I can get it up by his birthday May 10th. I made a mistake on my question above, it was another club he opened for Merle so I will check with our friend and get that corrected. I was in here learning more about Gladys. Amazing woman and Kenny thought so much of her. She really took him under her wing and got him going. Take care and I will post and invite when website is up.