Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wanna chat about esoteric Colorado vinyl?

Hey all! So I'm slow on the take, when it comes to social media, but I've gathered that people really like interaction, when it comes to like-minded interests. I've had several readers suggest that I put together an Elk Bugles Facebook group, to go with my Elk Bugles Facebook page, for anyone interested in chatting about obscure Colorado vinyl. 

So.... if you want to join in: Elk Bugles Facebook Group.

I'm thinking the "page" will be dedicated more to the radio show (much like what this blog has become) and the "group" will be more interactive, for anyone who wants to chat about obscure Colorado records.  A place where you can post your obscure Colorado vinyl finds, etc...

There are only three rules to the group:

1) NO POLITICS, pretty please.
2) No John Denver, Firefall, or any other "famous" Colorado records (and 1930's-1980s, only).
3) Just be cool and respectful.

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