Friday, May 15, 2020

KDZA Pueblo - 1964 Interview with the Teardrops!

 Patti Jo and the Teardrops
Pictured: Ron Myers, Rick Witcowich, Patti Jo Martinez,
Ernie Watta, and Ange Rotondo

Woke up this morning to a message from my dear friend, and fellow Colorado music historian, Mike Stelk, who provided the fantastic audio from my last blog post (the KDZA soundcheck with Steve Scott). He found a 1964 interview with the Pueblo teen band, Patti Jo and the Teardrops!

As you know, I've been writing stories about the band both here (2011) and, in 2016, in the Pueblo Pulp, but I had never heard an actual audio interview, from that time. I'm literally blown away by this.

This 1964 interview, conducted by KDZA's Steve Scott, notes that their first single "Whispering Your Love" / "16 Tons" is currently #8 on the local radio charts.

Check out 18-year-old singer Patti Jo, 18-year-old drummer Angelo ("Ange") Rotondo, 17-year-old keyboardist Rick Witcowich, 16-year-old lead guitarist Ernie Watta, and 18-year-old bassist Ron Myers (who wrote "Whispering Your Love").  Band manager Tom Anderson also makes an appearance.

What an incredible piece of archived music history. Thank you Mike, as always!

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