Monday, June 28, 2021

Alamosa High School (1917)


This has to be one of the oldest Colorado yearbooks in my collection - Alamosa High School, 1917. Found this at the big Denver antique mall. While it's not exclusively music related, I wanted to include it on the blog, as a historic look at a small town Colorado music education 104 years ago. It's pretty cool.

In 1917, a total of nine seniors graduated from Alamosa High. Right behind them, there were 12 juniors, 18 sophomores, and 22 freshmen.

A total of 11 students were a part of the first AHS orchestra. The yearbook notes that the group was founded in October, 1916. "Only five could play," according to the page notation. "Many, after a time,  decided that they could not conquer their instruments, and dropped out - now only eleven are left."

Alamosa High School Orchestra (1917)
Members noted (alphabetical order): Merle Aylard, Frank Byrum, Genevieve Freeman, Ernest Knutzen, Hilda Malmberg, Bernice Shahan, Esther Simmons, Gladys Stevens, Helen Sunquist, Mayme Whitney, and Glen Van Fleet
The yearbook notes that the Senior Glee Club formed on Sept, 23, 1916.
Senior Glee Club (1917) 
Members noted (alphabetical order): Rosalynde Allen, Florence Best, Evelyn Caffal, Louise Camp, Dorothy Cline, Francis Darling, Genevieve Freeman, Leone Hayhurst, Hazel Houser, Mabel Hutchinson, Charlotte Hyndman, Grave Kay, Gladys King, Oneta Kirkpatrick, Wenonah Koentz, Hilda Malmberg, Ruth McCabe, Blanche McCormick, Irene McDaniels, Emily McLellan, Louise Roderick, Jeannette Schooland, Minnie Snyder, Ruth Springer, Ellen Stevens, and Chrissie Taylor
Junior Glee Club (1917)
Members noted (alphabetical): Elsie Anderson, Helen Bell, Lillian Bergman, Helen Blackburn, Florence Farnham, Lorraine Freeman, Helen Groves, Mildred Groves, Oka Groves, Tina Kolkman, Christina Muff, Mattie Murray, Laura Nissen, May Paris, Maxine Pinchard, Pauline Ritchey, Frances Roberts, Helen Roberts, Ruth Sanchez, Dorothy Sanger, June Shipley, Lorretta Speraw, Dorothy Stanley, Winabeth Stephenson, Henrietta Stevens, Jewyl Stoddard, Agnes Taylor, Opal Timmons, Dorothy Traveller,  Flossie Turner, Lucille Walsh, and Edna Woodin
Double Quartet (1917)
Members noted (alphabetical order): Francis Darling, Genevieve Freeman, Hazel Houser, Charlotte Hyndman, Gladys King, Marguerite Knutzen, Melmoth Koentz, and Emily McLellan

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