Monday, February 21, 2022

Found at the Thrift - 1955 Denver East High Yearbook


Taking a break from posting a record find, with this 1955 Denver East High yearbook, picked up at the big thrift store chain here. You never know what you might find in an old school annual. While I focus on lesser-known Colorado music finds, I thought you all would enjoy seeing this 16-year-old drama club member.

Yup, that is a young Judy Collins. The following year she would pursue her musical interests, performing at Sportsland Valley, near Winter Park. According to her biography she would continue to perform in Grand Lake, Estes Park, and the Gilded Garter, in Central City. Just two years after graduating East, she started performing at the Exodus Club, in Denver. Her first vinyl appearances would be Folk Song Festival at Exodus (SK 1002), followed by Mickey Sherman Presents Folk Festival at the Exodus (Sight and Sound SS 1002).

Collins would not be the only student in this yearbook to go on to national fame. Senior Marilyn Van Derbur would go on to win the Miss Colorado pageant in 1957, and would be crowned Miss America 1958.

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During her reign as Miss America, Van Derbur would release Miss America- Marilyn Van Derbur at the Hammond Organ (Decca DL 8770)

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