Monday, November 19, 2018

Pueblo sheet music: Lou Amella - "Blue June"

Hey all! More finds from my stash...

Found this 1942 Lou Amella sheet music for "Blue June." The origins are fuzzy, but I do remember initially thinking, "Wait, now I have to look for Colorado-related sheet music?"

You may remember, I featured Lou several years ago. The Pueblo inventor, and businessman got into music at an early stage of his life. He was only 26-years old when "Blue June" was published. His cousin, Bernard Cirullo, is listed as the co-writer of the song. I found one other Amella-Cirullo song, also published in 1942, "Donna Ana."

Of note, the music is autographed by a "Sgt. Louis Amella."

It was also around the same time, Amella taught music lessons. Pueblo Polka King Chuck Spurlock, told me in the previous story, "I took saxophone lessons from Lou in 1944, I was six years old."

'Neath the moon I hear love birds singing and in my heart I hear church bells ringing
As I gaze at a star above, I see a vision of you my love
Why did you leave me, I am so blue
Darlin' can't you see that I'm in love with you
Through the nights of torment I grieve, Wondering if you will come back to me
It's a Blue June
I was so happy, why did you break my heart?
You promised me that when roses were in bloom
We were to wed and never part
Remember when sitting in the park, I held your hand?
We fell in love, you were to wear a wedding band
But you forgot that day in June
Stormy clouds will gather soon
Without you there won't be a honeymoon
In my heart there's a lonely spot
With the sorrow you have brought
There's a pale moon shining down on the place where we met
It make me dream of how my poor heart was set
For that wedding day in June
Blue June
It's a June, Blue June

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