Monday, January 31, 2022

Burns Theatre Vaudeville - Part Two

I acquired so many of these Burns Theatre programs, I decided to do a part two. These are fantastic, and an amazing look at early entertainment in Colorado Springs. So, on with the show!

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March 9, 1921 - Josef Hofmann (extensive Wikipedia page entry)

Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1921 - The Marcus Show 

Performers included Bee Winsome, Al Byrnes, Charlie Abot, Polly Day, Billy (also spelled Billie) Dale, Gertrude Parish, Robert Long & Peaches, Runaway Four, Dan Stanley, Tom O'Brien, Marie Vespo, Oliver Vespo, Cleo Lewis, Martinez Randall

Advertisements from the program above.

May 15, 1922 - Elsie Janis and Her Gang (extensive Wikipedia  entry)

July 10-11, 1922 - Pantages Vaudeville / July 12-15, 1922 - Brandon Light Opera

Performers included: The Four Boyces, Jeans & Shane, Josefita Silva Trio, Dolly Brickey, Little Jim, Violet Robson, Georgia Emmett, Lilian Robson, Sandell Sisters, Charles Sbladar, Earl Miller, Wilson & McEvoy, Four Erettos.

Advertisements from the program above.

July 17-18, 1922 - Pantages Vaudeville / July 19-22, 1922 - Brandon Light Opera
Performers included: Four & Price, Mel Craig and Ed Holtsworth, Everett's Monkeys, Howard Mack and Henriettta Lane, Dorothy Beattie and Adolph Blome

Advertisements from the program above.

 August 14-15, 1922 - Pantages Vaudeville

Performers included: Will Morris, James Seymour and Dottie Jeanette, Erfords Oddities, Eddie Clark and Joe Verdio, Packy Calahan, Frank Roberts, Eddie Brasted, Nellie Quealey, George Oakes, Alice Morrison, Roy Stewert, and Louise Lovely.

Advertisements from program above.

October 4, 1922 - Rosa Ponselle (extensive Wikipedia entry)

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