Monday, December 24, 2018

The KGNU Christmas Eve Show (link and playlist)

 Hey everyone! Happy holidays! Had a great time today, at the KGNU studios, playing some pretty nontraditional Christmas music (cue up the player to 1:25:09). My thanks to host Leland Rucker, for being a guest on his Morning Sound Alternative show.

Here's the playlist:

NORAD Santa spotting

Rock and Roll Santa
Little Joey Farr

Santa Claus
Laurie Lozach

If Santa Claus Could Bring Me You for Christmas
Barney Plotkin

The Legend of Little Orphan Joe

Carolers Carolers 

Tears on My Christmas Tree 

Dark December
Wayne Wallar

No Joy at Christmas

Christmas Song (Civic Center)

Jolly Demis
Christmas Time Again

I Want a Secret Service Man For Christmas
Crystal Palace, Aspen

I Want a Big White Cadillac for Christmas
Little Joey Farr

Grandma’s Coming for Christmas

A Time for Giving
Gianni Russo

My Name is Phroomf 
Optimum Manufacturing Company

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