Monday, January 13, 2020

Elk Bugles - Show 19


Hodgepodge episode today, as I play the latest obscure Colorado vinyl finds, discovered in Denver-area thrift stores and at the last Denver and Colorado Springs record shows! Very diverse episode, to say the least!

You Say - Fogcutters

No Name - The Lawmen

Here I Am in Denver - Crystal River Band

Revolution's Dream - Parker Quartet

Psychotic Reaction - Sequel

Sail Away - Fairview High School

Tomorrow is a Long Time - Patti Taylor Singers 

Unknown Recording - Rocky Mountain Radio Council

Muscrat Ramble - Action Brass

Steppin' Out - Doug Duggan and Family Jam

Ballad of Highlands Ranch - Joe Bob Mundell

A Good Man is Hard to Find - Tetra Chords

Tag-A-Long - Julie D'Anne

Tell Them - Dianne Bascom

Trees - Duncan Tuck

Dancing - Steve Sajich

Rosewood Bitters - Michael Stanley

No Credit - Joey Buffalo and Sonics

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